Watch Gay San Francisco Web Series Jaded’s First Episode

Web Series Jaded’s First Episode

The first episode in a new web series is out and it’s trying to present the gay hook up culture in San Francisco in a realistic light.

Jaded is the new web series, created by and starring JD Scalzo and directed by Brian Emerick, that we told you about back in the end of this Summer.

The series is all about the gay club/hook up scene in San Francisco. But the official pitch for the series explains it a little better.

Jaded takes a look into the contemporary gay dating world particular to San Francisco, through the eyes of a man lost inside the hookup culture, while on a relentless pursuit for a way out. He asks all the questions, he tries all the things, he falls in love in all the wrong places. Exploring a variety of complicated relationships, through a multi-diverse array of friends and lovers, we watch him play both the victim and the culprit, traversing a world full of contradictions, over-the-top self-expression, casual drug use, and the age-old idea of ‘free love’ with all the consequences that follow. In a place seemingly without any rules, how do you know which game to play when you don’t really want to play one to begin with?”

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So far, the series has five episodes that were shot in just six days with a $9,000 production value.

While we first gave you the teaser for the series, as well as the link to where you can help support the production, we can now give you the first episode for the web series.

If all of this has got you interested in the series, you can check out the first episode right now. The episode shows JD Scalzo’s Jackson on a night out to gay club Castor, dealing with his complicated romantic relationship, and talking to his messy friendships about their troubles.

You can watch the episode down below.