Watch The Trailer for Conversion Therapy Drama Boy Erased

First Trailer Drops For Conversion Therapy Drama Boy Erased

The first trailer for gay conversion therapy film Boy Erased is out, and it looks as beautiful and devastating as we thought it would be.

The film directed by Joel Edgerton (who’s also acting in the movie) follows a teenager named Jared (played by Lady Bird’s Lucas Hedges) who is forced into a gay conversion therapy camp by his strict religious parents (played by Russell Crow and Nicole Kidman).

While at that program, Jared crosses the paths of a young minister (played by Edgerton) who tells him, “God will not love you the way you are. What you are going through is just a moment.”

Plus, Jared meets other teenagers going through the program with him. This includes a character played by gay singer Troye Sivan. (Sivan also wrote and performed the song “Revelation,” which plays in the background of the below trailer).

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As Troye Sivan shared about the film in an earlier interview, “It weighed on me after a while, I was happy to get out of there at the end. But I think it’s going to be a very special and important movie.”

This won’t be the singer’s first time in an acting role however, as he has acted a few times before such as in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and the South African Spud franchise.

The film is based off of the memoir Boy Erased: A Memoir of Identity, Faith, and Family by Garrard Conley. That story follows a young man who’s outed as gay during his freshman year of college in Arkansas before going off to a conversion therapy program.

Along with the star studded cast, the film’s Focus Features release was produced by Kerry Kohansky-Roberts and Steve Golin. Plus, Rebecca Yeldham, Ann Ruark and Anonymous Content’s Kim Hodgert and Tony Lipp also act as executive producers.

Go ahead and check out the first trailer for the film below and get ready for the movie to drop in U.S. theaters in November.

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