Man With Untreated Cancer Watched His D-Stick Fall Off

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One Guy Watched His D-Stick Fall Off

ALWAYS go to a doctor if you’re noticing unusual swells or bumps on your body. One man didn’t and now he lost his penis. And no, that’s not an exaggeration or sensational statement.

A BMJ Case Report (warning: graphic photos included) shared the news of an 82-year-old man who’s penis fell off after ignoring signs of cancer.

The man went to find medical help a whole year after he first started to notice an ulcer on his penis. He only went beceause the swelling had gotten considerably bad in the past two months before seeking help. On top of that, the skin on his penis had begun to shed.

He was then directed to the doctor who wrote up the report about him. This includes Dr. Gaurav Garg of King George’s Medical University in India.

The skin cancer, known medically as squamous cell carcinoma, had sadly developed too far for the doctors to treat it. That meant the only thing they could do was try to ease the man’s pain. Sadly, he died 15 days after turning to the hospital in India.

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The reason that the man’s penis fell off, a process known as auto-amputation, is because the cancer had worked away at the skin and muscle of the phallus.

But don’t worry, this isn’t a common symptom. In fact, only 9 other similar instances have been recorded.

That doesn’t mean you should all relax though. Cancer is serious and it can strike at any moment. If you notice an unusual bump or swelling on your body, ANYWHERE on your body, you shouldn’t ignore it. Seek medical help and advice to see if this swelling is a sign of something more serious going on underneath your skin.

Remember, you know your body best. You know what is normal and what is irregular. Stay aware of the changes and keep your doctor close in case anything were to go for the worse.

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