We’re Gagging Over This Web Series About A Bad Boy And His Daddy

Web Series About A Bad Boy And His Daddy

We love web series and short films, so we’re excited to share yet another one with you all.

It was NewNowNext that first brought this series to our attention, and now we’re addicted and waiting to watch more.

The web series we’re talking about is Bad Boy.

Though we’re calling it a web series, it’s really just two separate clips with the same characters. But with over 400,000 views combined, the two videos may be the start of a longer series. And we are here for it!

The first clip, which came out in March, sees a man named Scott (played by Artie O’Daly) inviting a bad boy named Mack (played by Tony Harth) into his house to take his daughter Jessica out. At first, O’Daly’s character is intimidated by Harth’s bad boy, and the situation only gets stranger from there.

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The second clip sees the two men back together again. Apparently, they’ve formed some type of relationship as Harth’s bad boy character comes over to fix Scott’s sink. Once that job’s done, something interesting happens.

“I go around every day and people think I’m a certain way, but inside I’m something else,” Mack tells Scott. “I don’t know how long I can keep the secret.”

“Just know whatever it is, it’s okay,” Scott promises.

Mack then decides to come out to the man he barely knows.

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These videos are goofy with a light homosexual air, at least for the second one. Add on the hot shirtless Tony Harth, and you’ve got yourself a good time in just 9 to 10 minutes.

We certainly hope this isn’t the end of Mack and Scott’s adventures together.

h/t: NewNowNext