Adult Performer Wesley Woods Was Attacked By Homophobes

Wesley Woods Was Attacked By Homophobes

Wesley Woods is sharing that he escaped from being attacked.

As the adult performer shared earlier today through a Twitter video, he and a friend were victims of a hate-crime.

Supposedly, Woods was walking down a Hollywood sidewalk with the friend on Wednesday when three white men attacked them.

Woods said that he’s not sharing this fact to seek sympathy, but to act as a message that America isn’t as progressive as some of us like to think. Despite the many advances we have made legally and socially, there are still homophobes waiting to attack at any moment.

That said, Woods also wanted everyone to know that we shouldn’t hide ourselves for being who we are. As he said at the end of his one minute video, “I wish you love, I wish you happiness, and I hope that if you guys see me out this weekend, baring my scars, you’ll say hello.”

Going with that, Woods captioned the post:

“The enemy wants u to be afraid, they want to force you into their idea of normal. I am not, you aren’t, none of us are— “normal.” We live this life the best we can w/ what we’ve been given in hopes of being our true self. Do not hide, fight for your space to exist & ALWAYS be YOU.”

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Wesley Woods isn’t the only gay porn star who has been attacked by homophobes. Last year, Jessie Colter also shared through Twitter that he was attacked by two homophobes.

In Colter’s case, the attack happened when he was scheduled to meet a client for “personal time.” When Colter arrived at the room, there were two men there.

Colter was first uncomfortable with two men there, but didn’t realize the danger he was in. Things only got worse from there.

“When I looked his way the first guy hit me in the side of the head I fell to the floor. He then pinned me to the floor with his knee and shoved my face to the floor. The guy in the bathroom came at me to kick me in the face. I managed to cover my face with my forearm and catch his foot with my hand. I pulled his foot out from underneath him and he hit the floor really hard smacking his head on the tile. Then the first guy got off me, for whatever reason, and that’s when I took the opportunity to run out the door.”

Be careful out there gentlemen.