Will We the Animals Be A Big Hit At Sundance 2018?

We the Animals At Sundance 2018

Its that time again folks.

While last year’s indie film champion Call Me By Your Name is fighting its way to big name awards like the Golden Globes, The BAFTAs, and eventually the Oscars, the next gay films are gearing up for the Sundance Film Festival.

We informed you last year of when Call Me By Your Name became the biggest talked about gay film at the festival (though other films like God’s Own Country did pretty well too).

And the year before that was all about Moonlight.

Now, will We the Animals take on the role and path of those films before it?

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This year’s Sundance festival is in full swing and many are looking towards We the Animals to see how it will fare.

The film’s story is based off of a novel of the same name by Justin Torres. It acts like a coming of age story, which is always a favorite of indie festivals and award ceremonies.

The story follows a family living in rural New York. Specifically, the protagonist is a young boy named Jonah (who’s played by Evan Rosado). Jonah records his life with his parents and two older brothers in a journal. As time goes by, Jonah watches his brothers turn into different versions of his two young and volatile parents, and he realizes that he’s different because of his sexuality and his heightened imagination.

The film’s script was adapted from the novel by Jeremiah Zagar and Dan Kitrosser and it will have its premiere at Sundance this Saturday.

“It’s been an honor to adapt this unbelievable novel by Justin Torres, and create this cinematic world with Raul Castillo, Sheila Vand, and our stunning three young-adult leads Evan Rosado, Isaiah Kristian, and Josiah Gabriel,” director Zagar said in a statement.

While we sadly don’t have a trailer for you, we can share some first look pictures courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

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