H.S. Wrestlers Forced to Shove Faces Into Butts of Teammates While Blindfolded (Video)

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Coach fired after “prank” caught on camera

A high school wrestling coach in Parker, Colorado has been fired after a so called “prank” was caught on camera. And what this coach appears to have made students do is shocking, given that most learning institutions have zero tolerance hazing policies.

According to a report in the Denver Post, the wrestlers were made to do the “The Ultimate Sit-Up,” where an athlete is blindfolded and forcibly held down by team members while attempting to sit sit-up.

Then, without warning – the group force is removed. As a result, the athlete comes up, face first, into the naked butt of another wrestler while the rest of the team looks on.

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The entire incident was caught on camera by a parent. Here’s how the Denver post described it:

“Stubbs, whose sophomore son is on the team, said he was helping with drills at practice when the incident occurred. He said he took the video to the school administration Monday, and they suspended Johnson at that time.

“There are some people that are even upset that I took the video and that I have the video,” Stubbs said. “There’s people that are like, ‘Boys will be boys, that’s OK.’

That’s the head coach that’s instigating it, and he got suspended from the team. But they let him back in and he was addressing the students (on Thursday) in a tirade that someone’s trying to ruin his life with this video.

“Blindfolded and forcibly held down”

I heard him up there (in the wrestling room) yelling and screaming, so I went up there and pulled my kid out of that team meeting.

Later Thursday, Johnson was no longer employed by the school district.”

Now, Mr. Stubbs and is son attending the high school are on the receiving end of negativity for reporting the incident.

“Stubbs said that both he and his son have received backlash for his role in filming, then releasing, the video.

“I was going to deal with it through the school and all that, but my son has started to get threatening social media posts,’ Stubbs said. ‘The social media message that the team captain sent to my son says, ‘You and your dad are lame excuses for men. You better avoid me and my family like the plague.

So I just got a real problem that I don’t think this is being taken seriously.”

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