One of The Zakar Twins Had A Peen Pic Leak

Zach Zakar

The Gay, Iraqi model brothers are at it again (and this time one of them’s naked).

This past summer, the Zakar twins shared their story of how they came out to each other and then their parents.

As we explained back in June:

“The story goes that the two had differing cliques back in high school. Michael was more of the artsy type and Zach was an athlete.

Then one day when Zach was out sick a boy asked Michael if he wanted to make out in a bathroom during free time. The two did it, but were caught in the act.

From there, a rumor spread around that Zach was the one caught making out with a boy.

Michael rushed home to apologize to his brother who didn’t let him explain before saying, ‘I thought no one saw me!’

It turns out, both twins had made out with the same guy.”

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But now, it seems that something else of the boys’ is coming out and its one of their peckers.

While Zach Zakar isn’t too shy to show off his body on Instagram, he is still surprised how much people lust after him.

He once noted how surprised he was that people were willing to pay him for his used underwear.

“Mine go from $100 to $500,” Zach told Tosh.0.

But, now it seems that a full frontal photography of his prematurely leaked out on the internet and is now available for you to check out.

If you want to see it, you can click on this NSFW link here.

Or, if you want to stay on the Slightly More Safe For Work side of things, you can check out some of their Instagram photos.

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